Jean Michel Jarre Live Concert 10 10 10

Jean Michel Jarre is broadcasting his 10 10 10 concert live at 8 PM London time, 10/10/10. Make sure you know what time that is in your time zone. Here are a few common ones:

  • 9 am in Honolulu
  • 12 pm in San Francisco
  • 2 pm in Chicago
  • 3 pm in New York
  • 9 pm in Vienna
  • 3 am in Hong Kong
  • 8 am in Australia

You can watch it in the embed below and share your thoughts with other synth music fans, or catch it at Jarre’s UStream site.

7 thoughts on “Jean Michel Jarre Live Concert 10 10 10

  1. Sorry! I saw some clips on YouTube and i saw the "Master" in Munich (Germany) in 2008 and i must say: This guy is absolutely talent free. His Keyboard playing is awful and the sound of his concert was totaly trash. Never i pay cash for this trash shows of Jarre in the future. When i saw this performance, than i must think: Who is the true person which created this kind of music in the Seventies?

    Sorry, but i am done with this talent free French guy!

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