The Malaventura Audiovisual Sampler

This is a preview of the Malaventura Audiovisual Sampler – a software/hardware setup that lets you trigger audio/video samples, like you would trigger audio samples with a traditional music sampler.

The Audiovisual Sampler is the latest project from Fernando G. Tamajon (Malaga, 1978), a Spanish multimedia artist who works under the alias of Malaventura.

Above, the Audiovisual Sampler in use at a live performance, where the audience could touch it and see how it works.

The Malaventura Audiovisual Sampler consist of a complex set up of software & hardware where, through a MIDI controller, its possible to launch audiovisual material in the same manner like a music sampler launch audio clips.

This makes it possible to build, in live performance, a collage of pieces made of images and sounds, perfectly synchronized.

As Tamajon explains, “These pieces are rearranged, manipulating its natural position on the original source to create new images and rhythms, recontexting the old footage in a new puzzle where the forgotten scenes from public domains movies comes alive again like an audiovisual Frankenstein.”

See the Malaventura site for more details.

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