MIDI Guitar VS Half A Million Volts

In this video, ArcAttack tests out their “lightning-proof” MIDI Guitar in their warehouse in Austin, Texas.

The MIDI signal from the guitar is routed through a fiber optic cable to control the Tesla coils.

Fortunately, it only looks insane.  ArcAttack performs regularly with their two tesla coils, making music while walking through through ½ Million Volt sparks.

via AntonOlsen, Lightning Proof MIDI Guitar

8 thoughts on “MIDI Guitar VS Half A Million Volts

  1. I must get some of those cool electrostatic speakers.

    Incidentally, I wonder what the fan is for? To keep the the performers cool, or to disperse ozone in the playing area?

  2. it appears that the man is wearing a conductive jumpsuit which is continually being pumped with supposedly "½ Million Volt sparks"

    it might be fair to say that some heat is generated in this process

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