Jomox Sunsyn 2 To Be Manufactured In A Limited Run

Jomox has announced that the Sunsyn 2 – an 8-voice multitimbral synth – will be manufactured again, in a limited run:

The sought-after SunSyn 2.0 will be manufactured in a small run again. We have given a face lifting to our 8-voice bolide and prepared the partly difficult getting of parts so far that a new production is possible. That implies of course that the new one will sound exactly the same as the old one!

The Jomox Sunsyn 2 is described as a best-of-both-worlds synth, featuring analog VCOs and digital waveforms; analog x-pole filters with morphing; analog envelopes with digital LFO’s; and an analog routing matrix.

Here’s the bad news, though: the Jomox SunSyn 2 retails for 4999.00 €, the order must be paid up front and the SunSyn 2 has a delivery time of about 3-4 weeks.

Check out the specs below and let me know how many of these bad boys you’re good for.


  • Number of Voices 8 times full multitimbral
  • VCO’s 2 per voice; waveforms: saw, pulsewidth
  • RCO’s 2 per voice, playing back of samples and FM RCO1->2 possible
  • Filter 4 pole fully configurable, individual cutoff and HP/LP switching for each pole; analog morphing between two filter setups is possible. True two pole switching is possible
  • Envelopes 2 ADSR per voice, real analog RC-envelope (discrete circuitry)
  • LFO’s 2 per voice individually, waveforms triangle, sawtooth up/down, rectangle and random
  • Routing Elements 4 per voice. Analog modulation matrix with 4096 possible combinations per Routing Element
  • Presets 256 Single / 127 Multi
  • Display LCD 2×24 characters, LED 3×7 segment for parameter display
  • Soft controller 4 incremental encoders
  • Midi Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
  • User Interface 40 knobs, 42 buttons, 85 LED’s
  • Outputs 8 individual outputs, 1 stereo mix out, 1 HP out
  • Output Level about +4dBu at all outputs
  • Inputs 2 external inputs, can be used for audio and CV
  • Supply 220/110 V line voltage selectable
  • Dimensions 19″ 6 RU
  • Weight about 8 kg, 17 lbs

12 thoughts on “Jomox Sunsyn 2 To Be Manufactured In A Limited Run

  1. seems like it cost less last time around .. like $3999 .. could be wrong on that

    also iirc they had plenty of glitches and jomox couldnt fill their orders for it very quickly

    still a fair number of people would swear by them

  2. I know huh ! First that little toy..what was the name of it ? oh yeah, the
    Teenage Engineering OP-1 for $800.00 and now this for $5,000.00 ???

    Give me a break, I watched a video on the Sunsyn and believe me, it isn;t close
    to being worth 5 grand. For this amount, I might as well get the Andromeda A6 and
    the Blofeld and still have enough cash left to buy another synth.

    I wonder what is up with the high prices lately..I was suprised that
    the Slim Phatty was going for such a low price of $800.00, now THAT I think is worth it.

  3. I have been lustinng over this synth for almost a decade, since the first time i heard it in musikmesse, Frankfurt. But no more, this price is ridiculous, and i don't buy it that he had difficulty getting the parts. It is not a synth from the 60's.
    I really liked it's sound but with that kind of money, one could get a small cwejman or a similar high quality modular a million times more flexible, not to mention digital gear like pacarana, or creamwares stuff.
    If he would have come with a price close to his original (less than 3000 eu) i would definately buy it, but now definately not worth it.

  4. Let me get this straight.

    If I happened to have 5000 euros just lying around, I could buy one of these babies for myself. Or I could buy a Moog Voyager XL. Or as S42010 pointed out, an Andromeda A6 and a Blofeld. Right. For 5000 euros one could even get a Little Phatty, every excisting Moogerfooger and even add for example a DSi Poly Evolver to ones shopping cart.

    I'd say this one is probably not worth it.

  5. 5000 Euros is way too much… for that much, I could buy a voyager and a virus ti2, with money left over to get lunch… what a dumb biz plan…

  6. It does seem too much but a voyager virus ti2 combination wouldn’t come close. Right now I consider selling my a6 expander and some other stuff for this

  7. Come close to what?

    Do yourself a favor and read the specs for the Virus ti2…. to be blunt you don't know what you are talking about… I owned an original sunsyn, which I regrettably sold.

    It was a wacky synth and sounded great… but more powerful than a Ti2 pound for pound? You are either dreaming or lack the technical knowledge to speak on this….

    What "sounds better" might be subjective… but not specs.

    More parts, Polyphony, effects, routings, integration, support, usefulness (types of sounds you can create), types of synthesis available, patch library, arp, output modeling, etc…. make the virus a WAY more capable and powerful synth…

  8. Just reiterating what's already been said, but you could buy just about ANY synth for 5000 euros. 2 or 3 synths in a lot of cases, build a modular, whatever you want. I don't doubt it's a good box, but the price is insane.

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