Cosey Fanni Tutti’s Tutti Box 1.0

Check out this gorgeous experimental sound box, via Chris Carter:

Cosey Fanni Tutti using her Tutti Box experimental sound generator for the first time.

Five oscillators, two effects units, a step sequencer, a joystick controller, a coil touch controller, an amp & speaker and a front mounted sound activated plasma display. It is powered by 9v PSU.

(Tutti Box is part of the CCCL project

Carter built the unit specifically for Cosey Fanni Tutti to perform with at upcoming Throbbing Gristle shows. See Carter’s CCML site for details.

One thought on “Cosey Fanni Tutti’s Tutti Box 1.0

  1. Holy shit! Chris made an Analog Synplant… and gave it even more oscillators! That little box-o-doom is going to grind out some amazing drones.

    The cat might not have been impressed, but I am.

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