Deadmau5 vs. Jeff Mills’ Girlfriend

This low-budget bit of animated weirdness, Deadmau5 vs. Jeff Mills’ Girlfriend, is profane and offensive, but also manages to have some pretty funny bits in it.

via shagghie:

I actually witnessed this conversation at a palm springs afterhours party after coachella…

16 thoughts on “Deadmau5 vs. Jeff Mills’ Girlfriend

  1. it's just easy to hate him, because he has an attitude and a big mouth, but yeah, what you said. I am a fan of producers that try to bring something interesting to their live shows as well.

  2. I think mau5 is pretty decent, but this is hilarious. I would make a video like this about myself if I was famous, we can all be a bit pretentious some times, it,s good to have a sense of humor about it.

  3. I think people like to hate on Joel becuase he shows how much talent is a factor in music. You may own the same software, the same laptop and the same outboards, but your music is boring. His is not. People like it. A lot.

    Joel is a really nice guy if you ever get a chance to talk to him. Just a IRC nerd who made good. He will talk your ear off once he figures your a snyth nerd.

  4. i think somebody was jealous and very pathetic to make this lmao i laugh at the maker of this cos there never gonna have the same talent as joel! LMAO YOU PWNED YOURSELF WHOEVER DID IT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!

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