YouTube Modular Synth Jam – A New Start

Anyone old enough to remember back ten or fifteen years knows that the Internet has brought dramatic changes to our lives, for better and for worse.

One great thing about the Internet, though, is that it’s made it easier for people with common interests to connect. It’s made it possible for small synth manufacturers to find customers, it’s made it easier for synthesists to organize synth meetups, it’s made a site like Synthtopia feasible and it’s helped a lot of people create new relationships through music.

This Sunday Synth Jam is a great example of this. This video documents a YouTube modular synth jam – two synthesists that met via YouTube and then met in person for some old-school Berlin School synth jamming.

Read the full story below. And, if you’ve connected with other electronic musicians through the Internet, leave a comment with your story!

via attorks:

Hello, my dear fellow YouTubers,

I have been neglecting you for a while. But I have good reasons for this. A long lasting relation has ended (the video ‘The Big Decision’ may have given you a hint) and a new very promising relation is arising. So I have been very busy in last weeks but somehow there was not much room for making music.

But a few weeks ago I visited a fellow YouTuber Skoulaman because I like the music he makes and lives relatively close by. Last Friday evening he visited me to see and hear my humble setup in the attic.

On the videos it may look as if it is a big corner with plenty of room but in fact it is very small and 2 people hardly fit. But we managed to make a short video with an improvisation.

Skoulaman is playing the Waldorf Q Keyboard with some pad sounds. I made and operate the sequencers and Modulars. I also played the theme on the Roland XP-80 doing a piano and a synthbass sound on the Nord Lead 1 trying not to push Skoulaman from his seat…

5 thoughts on “YouTube Modular Synth Jam – A New Start

  1. Very nice jam.

    Collab story: I mostly work on my own, but recently did a collaboration with a flute player from Texas (I'm in California) as part of a random collaboration project on He also does electronic music, but in this case I did most of the composition and production and he handed off multiple solo improvisations on his various native flutes. While not as immediate as actually being in the same room together, it was enjoyable. We traded files back and forth with this as the final result:

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