John Bowen’s Solaris Synthesizer (Video)

Synth designer John Bowen discusses his Solaris synthesizer at the Munich 2010 Synth Meeting, Part 1 of 5.

The image is a little dark – but, if you’re interested in the John Bowen Solaris synth, these videos provide an in-depth look.

John Bowen Discusses The Solaris Synthesizer (Demo) 2 of 5

John Bowen Discusses The Solaris Synthesizer (Demo) 3 of 5

John Bowen Discusses The Solaris Synthesizer 4 of 5

John Bowen talks about Solaris (Demo) 5 of 5

via Moogulator

7 thoughts on “John Bowen’s Solaris Synthesizer (Video)

  1. Its funny how impressive sounding that synth is on paper. But every time I hear it in real life I am less and less impressed.

    Sounds a lot like the Quasimidi Sirius I owned a few years back.

  2. Dude! It sounds great and the sound design possibilities are staggeringly humongous and a ui to give you an orgasm every time you let it even lightly graze your fingers!!! I will never have money to get it, but I will never stop dreaming about it! Solaris is the only one I ever think, when I'm with my wife…I mean if I ever so rarely need some help. These specialists needs a little more positive welcome, especially in these hard days of phone synth boom and fear for synths that cost money!

    1. I think he needs to hire someone to do some demos or make some impressive patches. I am not impressed with any of these videos so far. Feh…

  3. I agree. It might be an excellent product but I'm guessing many people (like myself) were bored after the first 5 minutes… I hope he's successful though… the community needs more small synth builders to build the inspiring stuff the big 3 won't.

  4. That video was much better; Thanks!

    This synth looks like it will be INSANELY powerful… Scope was a great synth, and this should be even better sounding. The examples modeling of the moog's soft-clipping (as a VCA) made me drool… same with the sequencing, prophet vs(ish) wavetable, the joystick example, and the sample per key feature… I really hope he sells a lot of these.

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