12 thoughts on “Separated At Birth? The Akai Synthstation & The Ion Audio iDiscover

  1. Ion Audio, Akai, Numark and Alesis = all owned by the same parent company. There's a load of crossover between product lines.

  2. soooo… nobody at this fine site knew that these brands are owned by the same parent company save for the people that post in the comments???

    Hmm, I can't believe I'm about to say this but thank goodness for people who post comments. LOL! Not that it's all very much important but I mean really, nobody at Synthtopia caught this one?

    I've done a quick Google search, nothing thorough or anything cuz it's not THAT important to know but I am curious… Who exactly IS the owner of these companies? I guess I can't really talk about Synthtopia not mentioning this fact but I mean, it would make this article a moot point knowing that they're all owned by one parent company and so of coarse would have similar designs… It's a no brainer at that point. Ah well 🙂

  3. ideletemyself – actually, you might be taking this too seriously. Yes, we know that companies market items under multiple brands and we talked about both versions in our 2010 NAMM coverage. Most people haven't seen the ION version yet, though.

  4. ideletemyself – Just a bit of fun! LOL!

    We featured the two branded versions in our 2010 NAMM coverage in Jan. Most people haven't seen the ION version yet, though.

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