How To DJ With A Candle

You’ve heard of turntablism and you’ve probably heard of controllerism.

But what about candlism?

The Evolution Control Committee is conducting experiments on replacing turntables and DJ controllers with candles:

I had this idea for a while after making the VidiMasher 3000 (see our video demo on this channel) that the infrared lights that trigger it could be candles. One pair of dancers here had circular movements they were using, and I thought those might work with the candles as seen from overhead. This video shows my experiment with that, and what better circular movement to play with than a turntable… so I made one. A virtual one. Like, hold a candle, spin yourself around, and it translates into you scratching a turntable sound.

This may not be the most useful invention ever – but at least it’s fun.

via TheECC, immanent discursivity

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