Music Made With Buttons

Egadz’ Music Made With Buttons 4.0, from We Want Neutrinos.

via kidwithoutradio:

want this song?:

follow up to the first amazing death defying finger stunt video by egadz. the original video is currently on it’s way to half a million plays!

first: egadz ol schollin it up on his skate, all sketched out.

second: egadz finds his make shift home after the u.s. learns how to split a neutrino and uses a neutrino bomb to create an apocolyptic tragedy, forcing the masses to now live underground.

third: live song called “we want neutrinos” from the album “we want neutrinos”. live looping, button mashing, and knob turning freak outs.

egadz is on tour this fall with sole & the skyrider band.

7 thoughts on “Music Made With Buttons

  1. Cool video, despite the haterade from Mr.Icke, who I'm assuming is Synthtopia's resident "craps all over everything and makes it all about ego" douchebag.

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