SuONOIO First Experiments

Here’s a quick preview, by Richard Devine, of the sonic possibilities of the SuONOIO – the primal synth created by Alessandro Cortini (NIN, Blind Old Freak) & Scott Jaeger, the guy behind The Harvestman synth modules.

SuONOIO Features:

  • 2 Sample Players with access to Sample Banks and Pitch Control
  • 16 Point Patchable System For Routing Simple to Complex Signal Chains
  • Internal Delay Effect
  • 6 Knobs for Ultimate Tweaking Pleasure
  • Mini Patch Cords
  • 1/4? Output
  • Integrated Speaker
  • Battery Operated
  • Multiple SuONOIO Compatibility

You can find out more about the SuONOIO here.

2 thoughts on “SuONOIO First Experiments

  1. I'm wondering if it can be tamed?
    I'm looking forwards to receiving mine. One hotel room for ten days in Budapest, one 'one' audio interface and one macbook. Sounds… =D

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