Turntables Are Dead. Long Live Turntablism!

It looks like turntables are actually dead, for real this time.

Since the 70’s, the iconic Technics SL-1200 has been a standard among DJs.

Earlier in the week, we reported on the latest round of turntables are dead rumors. The rumor was that Panasonic was finally  killing off the classic Technics DJ turntable.

At the time, I said that “I’ll believe turntables are finally dead when there’s a statement like this on an actual Panasonic or Technics site – and when they pry my Technics can’t-afford-an-SL-1200MK2 second-string turntable out of my cold, dead hands.”

Unfortunately – the website for Panasonic Japan now actually shows the Technics SL-1200 MK6 as discontinued.

They haven’t pried my second-string Technics turntable out of my cold, dead hands yet, though…

So let’s bow our heads, say goodbye to the classic DJ turntable and celebrate 38 years of the SL-1200.

And look forward, remembering that turntablism lives on, as demonstrated by UK DMC Champion JFB, on the Denon DN-S3700 media player:

If you have thoughts of remembrance for the SL-1200, you can leave them below.

9 thoughts on “Turntables Are Dead. Long Live Turntablism!

  1. Don't be a brand-retard…even if Technics is the state of the art turntable there are several brands still on the market…that won't dissapear in the nearest future…long live Turntablism

  2. besides the 1210 is and was a standard for ages where i come from and on the other end in the dj segement you have vestax, numark, stanton.. – seems far from dead to me and thinking of hipsters, i think apple's marketing has them focused on other things 😉

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