On Facebook? Then Click The Like Button Already!

Are you a Facebook user?

If so – do Synthtopia a favor and click the “Like” in the right sidebar of the site.

Not  the “Like” button in the screen capture to the left – the one in the right sidebar.

This will help Synthtopia out by introducing new people to the site.

We figure that, if you’re into synths and electronic music, you probably are friends with other people on Facebook that are into synths and electronic music.

We’ve never asked visitors to donate money to help support the site – but if you could donate two seconds of your time, we’d appreciate it, a lot.


7 thoughts on “On Facebook? Then Click The Like Button Already!

  1. I was on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter until mid-summer. I admire the facility they present for meeting new people and maintaining some sort of friendship with people one once knew, now living far away. Ultimately, though, I find their trivialisation of humanity corrosive… I think a real test of real friendship is to be found in what remains of friendship when one is no longer accessible on a click-away-grape-vine-one-liner context.

  2. [I had an earlier post that was deleted – somewhat inexplicably – hence the question mark. Now the deletion is invisible which puts the question mark out-of-context]

  3. Gordon – Sorry about that.

    You're whitelisted now – your comments shouldn't get caught by the spam filter.

    Let me know if you have any more problems.

    And I understand your frustration with the lack of deep connections on social networks. They are a good opportunity to make new connections with people, though.

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