SoftStep USB/MIDI Multi-touch Foot Controller Now Available

Keith McMillen Instruments has released SoftStep, described as “the first universal multi-touch USB/MIDI foot controller”.


  • Ten multi-touch keys control up to 6 unique notes, Continuous Controllers, Program Changes, Bend, MMC, Aftertouch or OSC.
  • Each key is responsive to 5 degrees of control: X- and Y- axis, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation, and pressure.
  • Super-rugged design using elastomeric and graphite composites gives SoftStep road worthy strength, plus it’s beer proof!
  • Four character alphanumeric LED displays and 10 dual color key LEDs give feedback even in bright stage lights. Futuristic blue backlight makes each key stand out and easily identifiable
  • Weighs in at just over a pound, making it ultra-portable and airline carry-on friendly. Dimensions are 17.5″ long, x 4.25″, x .5″.
  • USB powered-works with computer or standalone with MIDI Expander
  • Connects to popular software applications including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand, MainStage, AmplitTube, Guitar Rig, Cubase, Reason, Digital Performer and more.

SoftStep is available now for US $289. Details at the KMI site

SoftStep has ten sensor keys that offer five degrees of motion, such as up/down, left/right, inc/dec, pressure and rotary motions that can be preprogrammed to control effects, software, or multimedia. SoftStep also has a four-direction navigation pedal, an alphanumeric LED display, and backlit keys.

SoftStep connects to a computer through USB and contains Expansion and Expression ports. With the MIDI expansion module, SoftStep can be used with or without a computer (Mac or PC) to connect to external MIDI hardware.

On stage, SoftStep becomes a virtual pedalboard, connecting to MIDI hardware and software to switch programs, control parameters, trigger samples and loops. Guitar and bass players can control their MIDI FX hardware or software apps such as Guitar Rig and AmpliTube. Laptop musicians and DJs can trigger and process loops/FX in Live, Reason and Traktor. Keyboardists can now keep both hands on the keys while switching patches, sweeping filters and tapping tempos.

In the studio, SoftStep allows control of transport functions, DSP plug-ins, punch-in/out, levels, jog wheel, and panning in Digital Audio Workstations and MIDI Sequencers. And for the first time, SoftStep provides silent switching and click-free control of program change, patches, and FX while recording.

2 thoughts on “SoftStep USB/MIDI Multi-touch Foot Controller Now Available

  1. I dunno, I just feel like I'd fall down trying to perform with this thing. There are 8 pads, but you only have one foot to work with at a time, so you have to watch your balance. It just seems impractical for live performance. Granted, my feet are large and clumsy.

  2. How about trying to sit down while playing live? It's not like playing a USB peripheral suddenly becomes cool when you stand up.

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