17 thoughts on “Brian Eno Interview

  1. i thought this was a joke at first . this interviewer is terrible. when you ask a question, let the man answer it. good lord.

  2. That's pretty funny – I actually didn't recognise Eno under the wig and glasses at first – At least it shows he has a sense of humor 😀

  3. Fantastic! I didnt know it was Eno doing the interview either. I did think the interviewers voice sounded a bit like the disguised drug dealer voice you see on the news! 🙂

  4. oh you mean this speech?

    "It’s a tragedy that the Israelis – a people who must understand better than almost anybody the horrors of oppression – are now acting as oppressors. As the great Jewish writer Primo Levi once remarked “Everybody has their Jews, and for the Israelis it’s the Palestinians”. By creating a middle Eastern version of the Warsaw ghetto they are recapitulating their own history as though they’ve forgotten it. And by trying to paint an equivalence between the Palestinians – with their homemade rockets and stone-throwing teenagers – and themselves – with one of the most sophisticated military machines in the world – they sacrifice all credibility.

    The Israelis are a gifted and resourceful people who fully deserve the right to live in peace, but who seem intent on squandering every chance to allow that to happen. It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that this conflict serves the political and economic purposes of Israel so well that they have every interest in maintaining it. While there is fighting they can continue to build illegal settlements. While there is fighting they continue to receive huge quantities of military aid from the United States. And while there is fighting they can avoid looking candidly at themselves and the ruthlessness into which they are descending."

    Yeh I agree with him. The jews and arabs fighting over gaza are no different than the bloods and crips fighting over some street corner in south central. Its a turf war between two gangs of violent, bloodthirsty thugs.

    Chosen people, eh? Maybe if your religion is based on a doctrine of racial superiority, it comes back to bite you on the ass later. Just maybe.

    All these brainless monkeys that think their bullshit is "divinely justified" (and they are everywhere, in every race, in every nation) need to die off – the quicker, the better.

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