Free Loudness Maximizer For Mac, Windows

LoudMax is a free loudness maximizer effect plug-in for Mac & Windows.

LoudMax is described as a maximizer with a transparent sound, designed to retain the original character of the music as much as possible even at high compression levels.

New In LoudMax V1.09

  • LoudMax VST Plugin ported to Mac OS X. Audio Unit version implemented using Symbiosis from NuEdge Development. Support for Intel Mac and Power PC.
  • Winamp Plugin now supports 5.1 Surround. Built-in stereo overdrive protection to avoid distortions in a subsequent stereo downmix.
  • Improved limiter algorithm. Transients will remain better.
  • Improved release curve at high compression levels for an accurate sound and less artifacts.

Download from the LoudMax site.

2 thoughts on “Free Loudness Maximizer For Mac, Windows

  1. I only had the chance to test it quickly yet but it pumps considerably less than the internal Limiter of Ableton Live and sounds a bit clearer. There are practically no parameters and I'm pretty sure that in detail it can't compete against Voxengo Elephant etc. – but for a free brickwall limiter / loudness maximizer I find it really nice!

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