10 thoughts on “Akai Pro SynthStation25 Keyboard Controller Overview

  1. what happened to some of the comments
    about the limitations like not being able to
    record or save anything being done on the keyboard?
    i think that is nice to know if you want to buy one. And it isn’t mentioned in the vid.

  2. I’ve just got one of these – and had trouble finding any meaningful reviews. Basically, it’s total crap – there is a noticeable lag between hitting a key and a sound which seems random. When playing a couple of notes together you’ll be lucky if they all sound, and with any sort of percussive sound there is a guitar like “strum” from the random latency of pressing the keys.

    I’ve tried it with both the Akai synthstation app (which is basic, but useable) and with Nanostudio (which is incredible). Neither app has much of a noticeable latency issue when using the on screen keyboards, but both have latency issues when used with the synthstation 25 keyboard. I’ve also used a variety of iPhones and iPods – all with the same result. There are plenty of reviews of these apps – that’s not my issue. The keyboard is useless for anything other than very careful, slow, monophonic sounds. Even as a fun toy it quickly gets irritating. Since the synthstation app has no way of recording whats played on the keyboard (the sequencer is a grid only thing), Akai must assume you’re going to want to play the keyboard for real time performance only – which it is incapable of doing.

    If you’re thinking of getting one I’d say hold off until there is some sort of hardware update, or until these go on sale for $25.

    Also – I’m no keyboard virtuosso, usually the one finger jab and the occasional chord. When using my PC I don’t even notice latency until it gets up past 30ms. If that gives you an idea of how bad this keyboard is.

  3. That’s strange– I have the Synthstation25 and get almost no latency at all, no matter how fast I play, with nanostudio.

    Maybe you have a defective unit. Bad luck!!

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