Add A Touchscreen To Your Synthesizer With iPad + S1MidiTrigger

This video, via mvpadrini, demonstrates how you can use the $2.99 app S1MidiTrigger on an iPad to add a touchscreen to your synthesizer.

S1MidiTrigger is a new app for iOS which works with the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer. You can create your own MIDI layouts using the layout menu and use the multi-touch interface to control any MIDI device.

Here, S1MidiTrigger on the iPad is connected, via a MIDI Mobilizer to a Korg microX synthesizer.

via mvpadrini:

S1MidiTrigger é um novo app para iOS compatível com a interface MIDI Mobilizer da Line 6. Com ele é possível criar layouts MIDI personalizados no próprio aplicativo e utilizar a tela multi-touch para controlar qualquer equipamento MIDI.

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  1. Got to say that OSCULATOR was one of the best buys I have made on my Mac. Lots of really good apps that make use of it now.

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