Control Voltage Basics – Connecting an Analog Sequencer

This video takes a quick look at the basics of connecting an analog sequencer, using an Analogue Solutions Telemark Semi-Modular synthesizer and an AS Oberkorn Analogue Sequencer.

Tech Details:

  • This video covers basic connections from the Oberkorn sequencer to the Telemark synth (connecting: pitch x 2, filter, and EG/Trigger).
  • Another feature of the Telemark is the integrated MIDI control, which can be used to transpose live sequences as they play back from the Oberkorn (shown in the video). This means that you can sequence the transposition via MIDI in your DAW of choice to control analogue basslines.
  • Synths in video: Telemark, Station X/Y, TBX-303 [Analogue Solutions]
  • Sequencing the TBX-303: AS Europa
  • Drum pattern provided by a Machinedrum.

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