iZotope Nectar A ‘Complete Vocal Processing Toolkit’

iZotope has announced Nectar, a ‘complete vocal processing toolkit’ for Mac & Windows.

Nectar offers dozens of professionally designed vocal production styles powered by eleven processing modules. Users select an included style and then customize it with faders tailored to that style. For further customization of their vocal sound, users can switch to the Advanced View and access all of the controls of the underlying modules that power the plug-in.

“Nectar takes the pain out of vocal processing,” says Hart Shafer, Vice President of Product Management for iZotope. “The combination of its innovative style-specific interface and access to eleven advanced modules mean that users can quickly dial in great vocal sounds without being creatively restricted.”

Nectar includes Pitch Correction, Breath Control, Compressors, DeEsser, Doubler, Saturation, EQ, Gate, Limiter, Delay, and Reverb modules. Among other innovations, Breath Control offers users a target mode, which allows them specify the desired level of breaths detected in the track. Pitch Correction includes both auto and graphical pitch editing controls.

iZotope Nectar is designed for audio engineers, voice over artists, singer/songwriters, recording enthusiasts, podcasters, and anyone else who records sung or spoken vocals. Its dozens of styles cover genres including: Alternative & Indie, Blues/R&B, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronica, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Spoken Word.

Nectar will be offered at $299 USD. An introductory price of $199 USD will be offered for the first 30 days after release, currently scheduled for mid-November, 2010.

8 thoughts on “iZotope Nectar A ‘Complete Vocal Processing Toolkit’

  1. This looks really awesome… if the eq is the same as their other offerings, I'm down… Hopefully they revamped the reverb… I wonder if the gate will allow synced stuff or an option for ducking…. Woo Hooo!!!!!!!

  2. My question about this app concerns the latency factor in live processing. Many multi-function plugins can't handle live mode without "choking". Hopefully, this one is different.

  3. Hi,
    The EQ is pretty much the same as our other products. The reverb is a completely different algorithm from anything in our other products, and sounds pretty great in my opinion.


  4. Nectar has tracking/mixing mode. When in tracking mode, all the DSP will be set up to be extremely low (practically zero) latency, and lower CPU usage, for just such a usage case. Mixing mode is for the more common case where you're mixing in your DAW, and want the best possible sound quality, and latency isn't an issue.


  5. Depends on your needs. I don't use one as I render everything separately and trigger them later individually so the processing is done before hand. If I used one I would use an ExpressCard 54 or 34 as that's what slot is available in my laptop. If you use a desktop I recommend an internal PCI express card or legacy PCI as these methods are much faster than an external USB 2.0.

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