5 thoughts on “Cakewalk Sonar X1 First Look

  1. Nice software, but for my taste to much distraction with this new GUI, to much colors, to much lines. I think if I'ld work with this, I'm not so focused on making music or being creative than playing with a tool.

  2. Yeah, but you're seeing it all crammed on one screen. Where the GUI will shine is when you take the removable docker to another screen and you're able to page through various plug interfaces/program settings. With three screens, you could set up one for the Track View, one for the Console/Mixer view, and one for your plug interfaces. Press a button, and they'll configure to another setting, so it crosses that line of wearing a 'different hat' for each function. Since all the windows collapse, you could make it as sparse or an busy as you want, and instead of being tied into a single workflow, you could create multiple workflows depending on what task you're doing.

  3. I find the new GUI to be very clean, no more distracting than presonus studio1/cubase/logic.
    The fx chain concept + multidock combined with sonars routing capability is a big winner.

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