Spectrasonics Artist Videos – The Classiest Promos Ever?

Spectrasonics‘ Artist Video Series is one of the classiest collections of promos that we’ve seen. Spectrasonics just gets some kick ass musicians in a room and lets them do their thing with the company’s virtual instruments.

In this video, keyboardists George Duke and Greg Phillinganes jam with the Trilian Total Bass Module – with Bob Wilson laying down his trademark drumming.

Where’s the part where they talk about how massive Trillian’s sample library is, or Spectrasonics’ STEAM technology or how many jillion patches it comes with?

Who knows? But you might just want to watch some of the other videos from this session, or download the MP3s……

4 thoughts on “Spectrasonics Artist Videos – The Classiest Promos Ever?

  1. Well, they're not doing anything they couldn't have done equally well with 1000 other keyboards but still… Omnisphere is a totally brilliant synthesizer and… these guys have transformed the beginning of my day very much for the better. Cheers 🙂

  2. Gordon

    I impressed by the restraint Spectrasonics uses in their promos – and also that they're capturing great artists in action.

  3. This is all true, but I suspect they're selling themselves short by having the guy on the Wurli look like he's having a LOT more fun 😛

  4. Gordan-
    You can get wurlis to sound like that, but you can't get a bass to sound like a real bass like that. Trilian is being featured here and that's prettyt darn realistic in my book 🙂

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