MiniSynth PRO Gets Its iPAD USB MIDI On (Video)

iPad Music Software: This video is a teaser for MiniSynth PRO with MIDI support, running on iOS 4.2 on the iPad.

All sounds in the video were recorded using USB MIDI support in MiniSynth PRO, as well as some sequencing help from its sister app, MiniDrum PRO. Note that this feature will be available in version 1.4 for users of iOS 4.2 or beyond.

The MIDI control keyboard in use is an M-Audio Oxygen 49, hooked up to the iPad via the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

via YonacSoftware:

5 thoughts on “MiniSynth PRO Gets Its iPAD USB MIDI On (Video)

  1. Really nice!! Can you tell me the title of the song? It doesn't look like oxigene part 4.
    Another question. Can anyone tell me which stand it is used to keep the ipad in that way on that keyboard? I'd like to buy one to link via midi with an arranger keyboard to use it like a synth sound but i don't know where to put and leave it on a keyboard. If there's the right stand that keep it blocked and stable it's very interesting…

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