Nam June Paik’s Wobbulator

Off topic, but interesting – A short demo video on the Nam June Paik’s Wobbulator.

via blair neal

t was originally made in the 1970’s by Nam June Paik and video engineer Shuya Abe. I was curious why there wasn’t a lot of information out there concerning it since it’s such a great piece of equipment. Most of the Wobbulator’s source images in this video were either from a camera pointed out a window, or just from straight video feedback.

There is a great detailed writeup with wiring diagrams on the Experimental Television Center’s website:

5 thoughts on “Nam June Paik’s Wobbulator

  1. Cool, but not a wobbulator! A wobbulator is a frequency-modulated signal generator, whereas this is a wobbly-picture-TV-thing.

    This semantic mischief is as bad as calling a 555 oscillator a 'synthesizer', or a LDR-based oscillator a 'theremin', or The Apprentice 'entertainment'.

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