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Free Music Friday: The Psytrance Top 10 Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring podcaster Grover Reed III’s favorite psytrance tracks:

The purpose of me doing this podcast is to share my love of psytrance with everyone. I live in the Bronx, NY. From the first psytrance album I heard was “Converting Vegetarians” by Infected Mushroom and I was instantly hooked. I started researching different artist and the rest is history.

I am open to new artist. That’s what this podcast is essentially about. Having a gateway to give and receive past and present psytrance tunes. I also listen to trance, progressive trance, and uplifting trance. My favorite artist are Judge Jules, Andy Blueman, and GMS.

You can preview the Pystrance Top 10 Podcast below. Details at podomatic.

4 thoughts on “Psytrance Top 10 Podcast

  1. Psytrance has become a "sound-effect fest". It's barely even music any more. And the Mushies have lost all sense of taste since the minimal bollocks that was B.P. Empire. Let alone what came after…

    It's no wonder Simon Posford never made another Hallucinogen album. He saw the "dead-end" of the genre over a decade ago.

  2. I had to agree with Casi man your on the dime when it comes to psytrance now, I really have stop listening to that kind of style of music and went back into the Dub techno scene which is more melodic and deep filled structure of sounds. Also you don't have to go over the 130 mark to make great groovy beats. I definitely have a pro noun feel for Dub Techno its like the roots of what psy trance was and now its not what it was before. Been twice to Boom Festival and yes good music but it was not like when I started to listen to Psy trance, back in those synthetic Sadhaus and spectra parties. Those were amazing times to be. But psy trance for me is over with I do keep listening to my old collection but now I am more into Dub Techno and even have several projects going.

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