MacBeth Sounds Systems Analog Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam:┬áHere’s a quick analog synth jam via Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Sound Systems and Steve Jones.

Details below!

via macbethsynthesizers:

Here is an oddity- Steve Jones and myself experimenting with the MacBeth Mk1 Modular pre-production units and the venrable M5N. The M5N on this vid was the last one in production and hence it resides here! Please exuse the beer glass that features in this vid! The start of the vid features my two favourite systems comprising of MacBeth Mk1 Modules played using two Korg Prophecies as controller keyboards- Steve almost does as much of a ‘ham fisted’ job of playing towards the end- just like myself! – but the sound is there =] The latter part of the vid is just chaotic experimentation but we see the Mk1 Analogue Keyboard controller put to some use!…..please enjoy- Ken M

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