Holiday Electronic Music Gear Deals

It’s that time of year again – time for holiday electronic music gear deals!

Here are some holiday deals on electronic music gear & software that you may want to check out:

  1. Propellerhead Record is $50 off through Dec 31st. See the Line 6 site for details.
  2. Solokinetic has announced a holiday bundle, offering 60% off of its sample libraries.
  3. Save $200 on Samplitude or $400 of Samplitude Pro through Dec 23rd. See Sonic State for the promo codes.
  4. Voxengo is running a 10% off deal through Dec 31.
  5. Sugar Bytes is running an “Insane Christmas Sellout” through Dec 31st.
  6. Don’t Crack is working with Nomad Factory on a group discount on Nomad Factory Plugins.
  7. Ableton has a holiday discount of 25% off Live, Live Suite & Max For Live through Jan 15th.
  8. AudioMIDI is offering 3 for the price of 1 on Arturia’s The One.
  9. Through January 19, Cycling ’74 has knocked $100 off the price of Max/MSP/Jitter bundle and all Jitter upgrades.
  10. Through Friday, 11/27, Sweetwater is adding 10% to the value of its gift certificates up to $2,000.
  11. Time+Space is offering a variety of Christmas Deals.
  12. Native Instruments is running a 5-day 50% off sale on their Komplete line.
  13. Sonivox is running a 30% Turkey sale on everything until Monday, November 30th. Enter “Turkey” as coupon code.
  14. Surround SFX is having a sale on Prosoniq products and their Neuron soundset.
  15. Tonehammer is offering 30% off through Nov 26th – use ‘pinktone’ as the promo code.
  16. Overloud is offering 40% off through Dec 10th.
  17. Brainworx is running a ‘Reversed Advent Calendar’ promo, where the savings decrease each day through Christmas.
  18. Time_Space has announced several deals through Jan 15th, including a buy one get one free deal on Vienna Instruments DVDs.
  19. AAS is offering holiday deals on its Synthesis Bundle and Instrument Bundle.
  20. Big Fish Audio has new deals every day, during its 25 Days Of Christmas.
  21. VirSyn is offering multiple XMas Special Offers through Dec 31st.
  22. Waves is offering 40% off on all plugins, bundles and upgrades.
  23. Gnomehammer has returned at Tonehammer – offering something new every day through Christmas.
  24. Soundcells has an advent calendar of Christmas offers.
  25. SoundsOnline is offering a buy one, get one free deal through Dec 31st.
  26. Through Dec 12th, Bridechamber is offering up to 20% off on its range of modular synth panels and pcbs.
  27. Soniccouture has announced Christmas Deals of up to 50% off through Dec 31st.
  28. Yellow Tools is offering a Christmas Deal on Independence Pro.
  29. Pianoteq is offering a free ‘Christmas gift’ for customers, the Pleyel add-on for Pianoteq.
  30. LinPlug is offering a Christmas Synth bundle at over 50% off, though Dec 31st.
  31. PSP is giving away PSP PianoVerb for Mac and Windows for the holidays.
  32. D16 Group has announced a holiday sale offering up to 40% off through Jan 15th!
  33. Spicy Guitar – a physically modelled acoustic guitar synthesizer – is 40% off through Jan 7th.
  34. Through Dec 25, Tonehammer is giving away Phonehammer – a toy phone virtual instrument for Kontakt.
  35. Pro Sound Effects has announced holiday specials, including 20% off Blastwave FX products, through the end of Dec.
  36. Image-Line has announced a FL Studio group buy on Facebook through Dec 20th, with a maximum discount of 50%.
  37. Sonic Projects is offering Hot December X-Mas Deals on its Oberheim OB-X synths, through Dec 31st.
  38. Ohm Force is offering deals every day of December.
  39. Future Loops is offering up to 50% in its Christmas Sale.
  40. Sonic Core is offering XMas Specials on Xite-1 / Xite-1 D / SCOPE 5.1 / Modular IV.
  41. Impact Soundworks has announced a group buy offering 21-60% off, though Jan 1st.
  42. FXpansion has announced the December Half Price Sale, a limited time offer for its expansion packs.
  43. Blue Cat Audio is offering up to 40% off through Dec 31st.
  44. Sonoma Wire Works is offering a variety of Holiday Specials through Jan 7.
  45. Wave Arts is offering 20% off in December.
  46. Prime Loops is offering 50% off.
  47. Wave Alchemy is offering up to 50% their entire line for a limited time.
  48. Synapse Audio is offering an XMas Quad Pack synth bundle for a limited time.
  49. AcousticsampleS 2010 XMas sale offers 30% off everything.
  50. FatLoud is offering 70% off all its products through Dec 31st.
  51. Mark Mosher has a free Christmas gift for you, a new Ableton Live Pack.
  52. Loopmasters is giving away free sample libraries for the holidays.
  53. Audanika is offering a special Christmas version of SoundFlavors for IOS as a free download.
  54. Studio Wormbone is running a Christmas sale on sample libraries – 50% off through Dec 31st.
  55. Hollow Sun is offering their Definitive PPG sound library for $1, though Jan 5th.

If you know of other holiday specials – leave a comment below!

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  1. Through Friday, 11/27, Sweetwater is adding 10% to the value of its gift certificates up to $2,000. In other words, pay $2,000 in advance for $2,200 worth of merchandise to be determined later.

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