New Wiimote-Controlled Glitch Plugin For Live – Intello

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Intello is a new Wiimote-controlled glitch creation tool for Ableton Live + Max For Live that was created as Zettt’s Masters degree project.

Intello grew out of frustration with existing samplers. Zettt notes:

“I was always frustrated by the way usual samplers work. I knew how to create Glitch effects using loops, but none of the tools I used were able to start looping/glitching exactly when I wanted them to. There was also this problem that a samplers’ buffer was limited. None of the samplers I was using could sample live input and immediately do something with the just sampled material. The idea was to have a sort of “live sampler” with loop mechanism. I wanted to have precise control over a loops’ length and its starting point.”

This video captures a presentation he gave at BarCamp London 8. It’s not a demo video per se, but more of a technical discussion with demonstrations.

The plugin is expected to be available in two weeks from for €20 (about $27, £17).

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