Moby Explains What A Drum Machine Is

In this disarmingly low-budget video, Moby explains what a drum machine is, from his drum machine lair.

It’s cool to see videos from well-known electronic music artists that aren’t afraid to put something under-produced out, like this and Vince Clarke’s Analogue Monologues.

Note To Moby: We still want to see that drum machine documentary, Drum Machines: The Documentary That No One Will Ever Watch. We’re hoping that you splurge for a camera that does at least 640 x 480, though, too.

via MobyStuff:

a tiny movie about old drum machines, with some new music i made playing in the background.
ok, thanks.

13 thoughts on “Moby Explains What A Drum Machine Is

  1. LOL…Mr. Rogers grew a beard, and wears glasses now ?

    Sorry..I couldn't resist.

    The last drum machine I owned was the Alesis SR-16..ummm…back in
    1990/91 somewhere around that time. With computers and the
    gazillions of different drums samples and DAW's I really
    see now point in owning one anymore….I just think that if I
    did own one, I probably wouldn't use it…it would almost seem pointless.

  2. I havent even watched this vid but have lurked on synthtopia for years until now. Moby has been one of the founding fathers of electronic music creation for ever! As a freshman in highschool in 1992 I wondered how he did in order to spark such an amazing love of music for me. Still today.. Hes rocking it and its so badass to see a post like this. Moby! If you are reading this.. Thanks for signing that promo disk at Utopia for me in Vegas so many years ago.. Much respect to you! Synthtopia I love you for remiders of the greats like this.

  3. I own 7 Akai Drum Machines. The AKAI MPC 60 – 60II – 3000LE – 200XLMCD – 1000 – 2500 – 500.

    I want a Korg Rhythm 55 and I’m done.

    And hell yeah I want to see that movie!

  4. Moby never really got into ' Electronic ' Music creation untill very late 1980's very early 1990's. hardly a founding father of elctronic music creation. Kraftwerk, Throbbing Gristle, Gary Numan, Ultravox would fit better holding that title. Prior to 1989/90 Moby played guitar
    in some punk/post punk bands.. and even in the late 1980's early 1990's he wasn't really creating electronic music, he was a Dj mixing others music. LAstly, his first album was recoreded and released in 1992. so I think your assertion that he was one of the founding fathers of electronic music creation is inaccurate.

    I mean no disrespeect.

  5. s42010 – you're completely right on all points.

    You have to give Moby credit, though, for taking electronic dance music mainstream in the US. Have any other electronic music artists had a bigger album since then?

  6. Oh I give Moby due credit..absolutely…as far as a bigger album in the dance music genre ?? I dunno, I don't really follw dance music so I'm out of the loop on that one.

  7. The US sure does have a weird relationship with EDM. It's okay though, the rest of the world likes it well enough.

  8. I never really liked alot of the EDM, The problem I found with
    EDM is it all starts to sound too much alike. I called it Cookie Cutter
    Dance Music. I love EBM and Industrial…
    but a HUGE fan of Electronic Ambient Music.

  9. EDM is a term for all electronic dance music. that includes EBM, Industrial, IDM, Ambient, trance, house, psy, D&B, whathaveyou.

    I used to listen to a lot of EBM, but it really hasn't changed much in the last 15 years or so. I would say that EBM is just as much a victim of cookie cutter syndrome. It's like after VNV Nation, Hoccio, APB, Covenant adn the rest of the futurepop crew, everyone else decided never to make anything original ever again. You don't even get many acts that sound like the older, truer EBM like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and the like these days. No one has really made any industrial music since old Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, Wumpscutt days.


    I still like it, but i haven't really heard anything that has excited me in that genre for a long time. Unless you care to enlighten me?

  10. I agree with you on that…fact is, I haven't really listened to a whole lot of anything as of late…so, again, I'm out of the loop…LOL…

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