Expert Sleepers ES-2-2 Lets You Control Your Modular Synth With Your Computer

This video is a technical demo of the Expert Sleepers ES-2-2 Eurorack module, in conjunction with the Expert Sleepers Silent Way CV Input software.

The ES-2-2 takes as inputs CVs from your analogue synths/effects on 3.5mm jacks, and outputs audio signals on 1/4″ jacks which you connect to your computer’s audio interface.¬†You then use the Silent Way CV Input plug-in to interpret the audio signal and output CVs in your DAW for recording, processing etc.

See the Expert Sleepers site for details on the module.

4 thoughts on “Expert Sleepers ES-2-2 Lets You Control Your Modular Synth With Your Computer

  1. "designed to let you control modular synthesizer modules using control voltages under computer control" – no, that's the ES-1.

    The ES-2 is the opposite – CVs into the computer. From there you can record/process the CVs, or convert them to MIDI/OSC etc.

  2. I guess because it's not running on an iPad or iPhone this site had some trouble understanding what it did. *g*

    Keep up the good work. I absolutely love Silent Way!

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    My thought was/is that most users will use the ES-2 to incorporate their computer into their modular as a CV processor and then go back into their modular using the ES-1. There are a lot of other ways that this could be used, though.

    I updated the post to avoid confusion.

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