LZX Visionary Video Oscillator Demo

This video is a technical introduction to the LZX Industries Video Wave Form Generator modules and the concepts of modular video synthesis.

LZX makes a line of Eurorack format modular video synthesizer modules, designed for creating and manipulating video and images.

via lzxindustries:

Conceptualizing the use of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator as an image generation tool is difficult. This demo attempts to explain a basic pattern synthesis technique using 3 Video Wave Form Generator modules and frequency modulation to generate a monochrome, animated video pattern.

3 thoughts on “LZX Visionary Video Oscillator Demo

  1. Nice demo; even better when you look at some of the effects obtainable on other videos.

    I did some tinkering with this kind of thing in monochrome years ago; maybe it's time to try again in colour this time.

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