Live Ambient World Electronica From Spiral7

This video captures a very cool live electroacoustic ambient world music performance by Spiral 7, with movement/choreography by Claire Elizabeth Barratt.

The performance features instrumental ambient world music plus Ableton Live to trigger audio loops and video projections.

Live instrumentation includes:

  • Glenn Dickson: Clarinet
  • Philip Lampe: Processed sitar
  • Grant Smith: Hand percussion.

The sitar is being processed through a Roland VG8 and looped via Ableton Live. Audio loops in Ableton Live include Access Virus, Waldorf Micro Q, fretless bass, some drums, percussion through filter delay and reverse sitar.

3 laptops were used:

  • 1 with Live for audio;
  • 1 with Live for triggering video projections and controlling lighting; and
  • 1 with VisualJockey for the projections.

Projections are on an array of semi transparent strips of fabric.

Here’s another video from the event. See the link above for more info and videos.

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2 thoughts on “Live Ambient World Electronica From Spiral7

  1. A very nice combination of sounds, and very well produced. They seem to be an enjoyable live performance, too… though I wonder how much of the music would actually be lost in the din of an audience.

    (Not sure I really like the dancer, though she seems capable and attractive enough. Just not sure she quite compliments the music properly.)

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