Ableton Live Wobble Bass Tutorial

In this video tutorial, via DubSpot, trainer Michael Hatsis explains how to make ‘dubstep talking wobble bass’ in Ableton Live.

In the first video, above, Hatsis demos making a dubstep wobble bass with the Simpler instrument.

The next video looks at making a dubstep wobble bass using Ableton Live’s Operator:

Starting with the Operator sound he created in the previous video tutorial Dubstep Wobble Bass Part 2, and using the patch as a launching point, he turns off Operators B, C, and D and keeps Operator A on a square-wave, sets the LFO rate to a 1/2 a bar, and switch up the Filter resonance to 5, which gives us a somewhat mild whomp bass sound.

To add the talking effect, Hatsis used Ableton Live device Redux effect to bring the sample-rate down a few levels, set the Downsample to Hard, somewhere between 15 to 24 to get the talking sound. As the LFO sweeps through the Filter’s frequency, the Redux adds a vocal effect to the wobble, and as you increase the value of the Downsample, the deeper and heavier the voice gets; as you decrease, the voice gets lighter. The technique known as “digital downsampling.” Hatsis returns Operator to add a little FM/make the sound grittier by turning on Operator B. Be aware of the odd effects, as the Redux plugin enhances the grittiness of the FM. Furthermore, Hatsis demonstrates other effects within Operator including Coarse value, LFO rate, and Filter settings and options, frequencies, resonance, and recaps the steps and methods at the end.

If you don’t have Ableton Live, check out the Reason Wobble Bass tutorial or the tutorial on how to make a wobble bass with any synthesizer.

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