The Rhodes Chroma Enabler

Saturday Synth Porn: The Enabler is a custom made 96-knob dedicated MIDI controller for the CC+ equipped Rhodes Chroma synthesizer.

The Rhodes Chroma is considered by many to be one of the great synthesizers – but it buries a lot of power, because of its limited number of hands-on controls. The Enabler is designed to enhance the Chroma will full-on hardware controls.

The Enabler retails for $2,600.


  • Inspired by the industrial design of the Chroma
  • All exposed woodwork is solid cherry
  • 2×16 amber LCD display shows parameter name and value when a knob is adjusted
  • LED indicator lights to indicate the selected patch type
  • Powered by external 9-12v DC supply

via randelosborne:

This is a brief demonstration of the ENABLER, my 97-knob controller for the CC+ equipped Rhodes Chroma.

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