Video + Audio ‘Game Of Life’ Sequencing

This video is a a brief exploration of the Critter And Guitari Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer, which is producing the imagery and main audio source.

Patch details below.

The audio is, in turn, being split, with one leg being processed with ring modulation and the other thru a 24db/oct lowpass vcf. carrier vco freq., vcf freq and vcf q, all being controlled by random c.v.`s. The 2 legs are then mixed and fed thru a voxglitch digital fx module and out to a v.c. panner.

The c.a. box has controls for “rule-set” (1 out of 256), “width” (of display) and “speed” (of evaluation). These were tweaked during the recording process.

via davevosh

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