Free Sound Library For Access Virus TI Synthesizers

Access Virus TI Sound LibraryAccess Music has a nice freebie for Virus TI owners – the Ben Crosland Signature Sound Set 2011:

In creating this soundset, UK based artist Ben Crosland has used his intricate knowledge of the Virus to provide you with a new, go-to library of dazzling variety – the generous serving of phat basses, classic chip-tune blips, lush digital soundscapes, synapse-tickling leads and grinding arpeggiator grooves, is sure to push your musical creativity into overdrive!

Throughout the set, extensive use is made of the all features that came with TI OS4, so be sure to install the latest OS update to experience this soundset as intended.

The Ben Crosland Signature Sound Set is a free download for registered users.

5 thoughts on “Free Sound Library For Access Virus TI Synthesizers

  1. Gone through all the patches, and they are pretty mind blowing. Ben must have an Access Virus synth chip in his brain, because these patches open up new sonic capabilities I was not aware the TI had the capacity to produce. Wobble bass lines to crazy searing leads to evocative pads to everything in between Ben has reignited my creative juju with this synth. Make sure you download it burn it to a ROM slot and be amazed :)!!

  2. so wait the whats best way to burn to a rom slot i ve been way to caught up in the sound design aspect but want to start playing around with this sound set i tire using toast and mount the file but im pretty sure i did it wrong a lil help or link to getting these sound sets installed?

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