Claudia Brücken – Thank You

Claudia Brücken’s Thank You, a new single co-written with and produced by Stephen Hague (New Order, Blur, Pet Shop Boys).

Taken from the brand new album Claudia Brücken – Combined, on ZTT.

About Claudia Brücken – Combined:

Zang Tuum Tumb presents the story so far of Claudia Brücken’s life in pop.

From 1984 to the present day. From the cinematic electronica of Propaganda to the dark showbiz fantasies of Act. Claudia solo, Claudia in combination with Andy Bell (Erasure), Chrome Seduction, Martin L. Gore, Andrew Poppy, Stephen Hague, Thomas Leer, Trevor Horn, Paul Humphreys (OMD), Paul Rutherford (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), and… Claudia as herself.

Claudia Brücken – Combined
Combined presents eight of Claudia’s classic recordings… Propaganda’s hit singles (Dr Mabuse, p:Machinery, Duel), her two singles with Thomas Leer (Absolutely Immune, Snobbery & Decay), her 90s solo singles (Kiss Like Ether, Absolut(e)) both produced by Pascal Gabriel (Kylie, Goldfrapp, Ladyhawke), her 2005 duet with Andy Bell (Delicious)…

…combined with four brand new works: Night School and Thank You – two brand new solo tracks co-written with and produced by Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, Blur, New Order); This is Not America – duetting the David Bowie classic with Paul Rutherford; In Dreams – Roy Orbison’s Blue Velvet soundtrack gem in collaboration with Andrew Poppy.

Two tracks are included from Claudia’s current band Onetwo: Sequentia (previously unreleased) and Cloud 9ine (a co-write with Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore).

Track List

1. Dr Mabuse (a paranoid fantasy)
2. Duel
3. (the beta wrap around of) p:Machinery
4. Absolutely Immune
5. Snobbery and Decay
6. Kiss Like Ether
7. Absolut[e] 8. Delicious
9 Cloud 9ine
10. Thank You
11. Sequentia
12. Light the Way
13. This is Not America
14. Night School
15. In Dreams

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4 thoughts on “Claudia Brücken – Thank You

  1. Thank you but no. What an awful record, I'm not surprised it wasn't released. Are any of the other tracks actually worth having or is this just another cynical repackaging of the failed pseudo Diva's career "greats" which we already have on multiple other releases… The thought of la Brucken and Paul Rutherford murdering This is not America doesn't exactly inspire either.

  2. This is great. It WAS released, as a digital single, thank you Suzanne. Get your facts straight before dissing something with such pseudo “authority” or no one will take your mean-spirted rants seriously… I have the album. It’s very good and This Is Not America works well. Cheers!

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