Free iPad MIDI Controller

free ipad midi controllerCrossfire Designs has introduced MidiPadz Lite (App Store link) – a simple MIDI controller for Network MIDI and USB MIDI that lets you trigger notes with its drum pads.

An X/Y-pad and a gravity controller, controlled by the iPad’s rotation, allow you to send MIDI slider parameters as well.


  • Supports USB MIDI over iPad Camera Adapter
  • Supports network MIDI over WiFi
  • Touch sensitive drum pads (depends on vertical position and two-finger tap for full velocity, user-changeable)
  • Four pages with 16 drum pads each
  • Drum pad notes adjustable (tap on pad note symbol on bottom left, after that drag finger on pad up/down to change its note)
  • One X/Y controller (big pad on bottom)
  • Gravity controller (rotational axis of the iPad; Tap on rotation symbol on bottom left to activate, MIDI send light blinks every time you change the iPad’s rotation)
  • All controllers can change their MIDI controller number
  • Rotational- and scoll-lock for drum pad module (tap lock symbol)

MidiPadz Lite is a free download. A commercial version is scheduled to be released in January.

Free. Full version will be released in January.

via Sonic State, Crossfire Designs

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