Want To See Pro Tools Running On An iPad?

Want to see Pro Tools, Logic or your favorite DAW running on an iPad?

That’s what this video looks like – but it’s actually something a lot more interesting. It captures an experiment with Pro Tools running on an Indamixx 2 Pro Tablet.

It demonstrates that it’s possible to run a heavyweight music DAW on a tablet computer.

While it would be interesting to see Apple come out with a version of Garageband or Logic that runs on the iPad – it’s exciting to see another company, especially a small company, giving Apple some competition.

The Indamixx 2 tablet is a portable multi-touch computer, now in beta, that sells for around $700-800, depending on the OS. For hardware, it runs a 1.66Ghz Atom CPU & has 2 GB RAM.

Note that this is a proof of concept. Pro Tools and other DAWs aren’t designed with multi-touch in mind or optimized for hardware that’s relatively anemic, compared to current laptops and desktops.

But it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that DAW manufacturers are going to be rethinking their apps with multi-touch screens in mind, is it?

19 thoughts on “Want To See Pro Tools Running On An iPad?

  1. I wanna see a distributed model – put the interface on a tablet, and have a real computer doing the heavy lifting, hosting the audio / MIDI connections, housing big drives, etc. A client / server setup.

  2. same stuff. Anyway for real work you'll need a real, outboard AD-DA, some Powercore/Creamware/UAD… Why to bother to make another AllInOne boombox? Just create an protocol and interface API for multitouch devices, that will control our current tools as they are.
    And afterall, maybe all we need is some multitouch compability mode for DAWs/plugins and a kind of VNC connection to some already available tablets a-la iPad.

  3. ok we have that machine… we made it first in 2005-2007
    Google Trinity DAW see youtube videos Trinity DAW
    Thank you

  4. ok we have that machine… we made it first in 2005-2007
    Google Trinity DAW see youtube videos Trinity DAW
    Thank you

  5. I honestly don't get why people are so pumped about seeing tablets used purely as interfaces. Most tablets today have many times the processing power of a lot of full-spec PCs we had even a decade ago! In the next couple of years we're probably going to get a lot of tablets with dual-core or even quad-core CPUs, which is more than enough for most audio-related tasks, so why offload all the processing onto another computer?

    Just streamline the interface for touch controls and you're golden!

  6. im all for new technology but right now these tablets cannot even come close to touching the horsepower in my desktop, sorry to burst your flying car/jetpack bubble

    yeh in 10, 20 years these types of ultra-mobile all-in-one devices will be ruling the world, but im not on the bandwagon yet – its just not ready for what i can throw at it – plain and simple

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