10 thoughts on “50 Years Of Electronic Music in Three Minutes

  1. The idea behind this video is great, i personally think some of the great electronic music pioneers are missing … Brian Eno, Neu!, Skinny Puppy … and how can you also not throw in some of the great new wave bands .. Depeche Mode, New Order, & the Eurythmics.

    It only makes sense to start the video with Cage and good choice ending it with Apex Twin.

  2. Enoyed this muchly. Started OK then veered off down a dance dance black hole. Surely missing Wendy Carlos and Vangelis. +1 on Eno and Vince Clarke and …

    A great concept but it is not a line its a tree, so prog rock, 80's analog etc also have branches.

    OP has thrown down the gauntlet, lets see some other efforts!

  3. Wow, that sucked! It embarrasses me how much the label "electronic music" has been hijacked by the dance music fraternity..Where's Riley, subotnick, Eno, Tangerine dream, Schulze, Vangelis, etc,,,

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