Free SoundCloud App For Mac

Free Mac SoundCloud App

SoundCloud today released a free SoundCloud client for Mac OS X, available in the Mac App Store:

We’re bringing the SoundCloud experience to your desktop that allows you to access all the sounds shared exclusively with you to browse, listen to and favorite sounds. Create custom playlists and saved searches to see the sounds you need in an instant and download others for offline playback. And just like all the official SoundCloud apps it also includes record functionality that lets you easily capture and upload any sound whenever you need to share or store something quickly.

SoundCloud is free service (with paid options) for sharing music on the Web, desktop and mobile platforms.


  • Record: capture your sounds right in the app and upload to your SoundCloud account in no time.
  • Listen to, favorite and manage your exclusive and incoming tracks in one place.
  • Browse and search any sound
  • Create playlists and saved searches

One thought on “Free SoundCloud App For Mac

  1. I was so happy to see this app last night…. and then I downloaded it. It's really great if all you want to do is listen to your own tracks, incoming tracks or your favorites… but as a SoundCloud user who moderates several very popular groups I would love to see a little more functionality. I still can't moderate my groups on the iPhone app, (which kills me because I am commuting for 3 hours a day) on in this new app.

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE SoundCloud. I just want to be able to do everything I can do on the web in the apps.

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