NAMM Preview: Open Labs Intros SoundSlate Pro Music Computer

OpenLabs SoundSlate Pro Music Computer

Open Labs is introducing the SoundSlate Pro rack-mountable music computer at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Here’s what they have to say about the SoundSlate Pro:

The SoundSlate PRO combines the latest in computer technolgy with proprietary software and design, delivering the next logical evolution in integrated music-creation and open-platform innovation.

The SoundSlate PRO is your Production Studio, Playback System, VST Host, Sample Engine, Sequencer and Friend, live on stage or in your own home studio.

SoundSlate PRO hosts all PC-based music software such as: Pro Tools 9, Studio One, Reaper, Ableton Live, Cubase 5 as well as hardware devices: MIDI controllers, drum machines, acoustic instruments, PCI/PCIe cards and other microphone preamps.

SoundSlate PRO gives you the flexibility and power to decide how YOU want to work WITHOUT the high costs and headaches of stand-alone computers or laptops.

Details below.

The SoundSlate Pro sells for $2,249.


  • 3U Rack-mountable Music Computer w/ Heavy Duty Removable Ears


  • Intel® i7® (2.93GHz)


  • WIN7™ 64 BIT


  • 6GB (Upgradable to 16GB)


  • 2 Tarabytes (Upgradable to 8TB)


  • CD/DVD Burner


  • (8) USB 2.0 Ports
  • (2) FireWire 400 Ports
  • Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet Port
  • HDMI & DVI Video Ports (1 DVI-I, 1 HDMI)
  • E-SATA Port


  • FireWire, USB, PCI, PCIe
  • Custom Upgrades Available: Lightpipe, S/PDIF, MIDI, Analog, Digital, Word Clock

Power Supply

  • 500 Watt Power Supply


  • 19”(W) X 15”(D) X 3U(H)

13 thoughts on “NAMM Preview: Open Labs Intros SoundSlate Pro Music Computer

  1. OMG they want 2000+ gran for this might as well go get a mac pro or better yet an iMac and its just the same ass specs only that you cannot get 8 terabytes in the mo Fo

  2. Stop hating build your own damn company to compete than…..shoot i love me every single piece form openlabs…..i have been producing music for 20 years so there you go… how many albums have you done….hater.
    if it wasnt for budget i would actually own a NEko xxl right now and a slate pro….!!!!!

  3. RAM>>>>>RAM ….and dear I SAY….RAM///16 GIG….HOW MUCH DOES THAT COST for your base unit,,,ROLAND or KORG…is right on your heals boys
    ……so let me go to FRYES ……..and build my own BEAST…..
    and..unless you play LIVE WITH SOME SUPER STAR….and need the DAW on stage….well WTF,,,,

    mind you I just watched Linkin Park on SNL with an OPENLABS keyboard…..but THAT AINT US….the folks that can make a track in our shed,,,,

  4. Are you haters just stupid? A mac pro with the same RAM is going to cost you 3500$ Not to mention it will be filled programs and apps that will have nothing to do with making music therefore taking up more processing power. Go out and get a mac for at least 3x the cost. LOL! FOOLS! The Soundslate is the most economical workhorse in the game right now. So to the idiot Cojoe, just how will you save money by getting a mac?

  5. I dunno. Open labs has some really good ideas, but doesn’t think them fully through. Come on….have you ever tried to press the X (exit) window button on their neko? no OS has been designed for touch functionality – especially on a tiny ass screen. I’m SURE Timbaland just took the money and let him “mimic” the stuff he actually uses.

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