Epically Awful Disco Star Wars Theme Cover! You Want More? How About Battlestar Funktacula?

This video offers an aural overview of the vintage LaserLight CD, Science Fiction Movie Themes, a compilation that promised to be awesome, but didn’t deliver what you might expect:

Back around 1992, when people drove to stores to buy CDs, I spotted one called “Science Fiction Movie Themes” on the LaserLight label.

Amazed, I bought it and hurried home – on one CD I could own so many great songs, including themes to “Star Wars,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Trek,” “Blade Runner,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and more!

Imagine my surprise as I popped the CD in and pressed play. I called my friend over to listen to what I described as “the worst Star Wars theme song version ever.” After listening to it he nodded, turned his head and said to me “or it’s the best ever.”

You decide.

Actually – after listening to how epically barftacular these covers are – I feel compelled to find a copy of this CD and start a disco sci-fi theme cover band and call it Battlestar Funktacula.

Are you feeling it?

via BorrowedTune72:

For those who don’t know what LaserLight Digital compact discs were – they were a budget label that produced albums of dubious sound quality and contained performances by non-original artists or, in the case of their vast classical music offerings, instead of a performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra you might get the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra or the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, which, needless to say, are not quite in the same league.

The performances on “Science Fiction Movie Themes” are cryptically credited as “synthesizer realizations by G.S.O.” This video contains 3 selected tracks in their entirety – the themes to “Star Wars,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Star Trek.”

9 thoughts on “Epically Awful Disco Star Wars Theme Cover! You Want More? How About Battlestar Funktacula?

  1. Laserlight CD? I have an audio cassette somewhere which has (almost?) the exact same music scores ("Synthesizer movie themes"). Yet that dates back to the "pre cd" era. Hmm, I'll have a look around to see if I can find it, now I'm curious as to the company behind it is 🙂

    As to horrible or not… In those days grabbing the official Star Wars music score (on LP) was a whole lot more expensive than these synth remakes. If you go for budget then don't expect to get the grand tour..

  2. I bought this CD in the early 90's and I still have it. Laserlight was complete garbage, but it was completely cheap to get a set of 10-20 discs and introduced me to a lot of classical music – back when previewing tracks online wasn't an option.

  3. I actually have good memories of the LaserLight lablel. Some of their classical DVDs were actually pretty good, some of their "world" music was actually VERY good (one on hungarian music was a personal favorite back then) and I seem to recall a couple of decent compilations of old jazz standards by the original performers.

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