Teenage Engineering OP-1 Getting ‘New Crazy Features’ (2011 NAMM Teaser)

Yep – it’s another 2011 NAMM Show teaser video – this time from Teenage Engineering, who has this to say about their Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer:

If you’re at NAMM, please come by our booth, we’ll be showing a lot of new crazy features!

Based on reader comments – the most requested new crazy features for the OP-1 are:

  1. A ship date; and
  2. A price

What new crazy features are you hoping to see from the Teenage Engineering OP-1?

via teenageengineering

24 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-1 Getting ‘New Crazy Features’ (2011 NAMM Teaser)

  1. feature list :
    1 – no lo-fi crap. 16 bit or higher.
    2 – a deep sound engine. no quirky shit please…
    3 – if it's a toy, market it as such. If it's pro, give it a competitive feature set.
    4 – an easy, non-proprietary (usb drag n drop) way to save tracks and samples.
    5 – excellent build quality. If it feels like a Korg nanokey, smack yourself.
    6 – make it cheap. It already looks cheap.
    7 – If Jordan Ruddess whores himself out on the product demo, please make him wear a pirate patch (personal request)

  2. They released a price awhile back. I think it was 900 Smacks!

    It had better be very stimulating for 900 Smacks. And when I say stimulating I mean.. you know..

  3. I feel like they had very intriguing marketing going on about a year or a year and a half ago, where it looked really sexy and innovative…now I feel like its taken so long that the expectations initially created will never be met by the end product. Prove me wrong Teenage Engineering…and prove me wrong at a very low price.

  4. get a ucreate digital music for $20 and start playing now…I stole mine from my daughter's christmas pile and haven't looked back! Seriously – $20 gets filter, delay, sampling, usb sound transfer….best toy ever!

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