Native Instruments’ ‘Future Of DJing’

Native Instruments shared this video, that they call “A first look at the future of DJing with Traktor”.

It’s another teaser…..

via NativeInstruments:

Dennis Ferrer and the Martinez Brothers are always pushing the boundaries of their music. They’re also on the forefront of DJ technology, as you can see in this exclusive video preview under their moniker “NeuWave Renegades” featuring some upcoming new Traktor gear in the booth.

It’s no coincidence that Traktor turns 10 this year, so watch the NI website and the Traktor Facebook page in early 2011 closely for something truly worth celebrating….

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19 thoughts on “Native Instruments’ ‘Future Of DJing’

  1. as far as i can tell – this djing already happened, which is what allowed them to record it on tape.. so its more like the "past" than the "future"

  2. Ableton is for DJs who don't actually have turntable skills… MANUAL "live" beat-matching, per-channel speed adjust, scratching, software stability… Ableton is either weak or lacks in those areas.

    Live is excellent for studio remixing and non-intensive, fx-based DJing/blending (like house, trance). For real turntablism (ie. hip-hop), Live blows donkey meat.

  3. I think these "teaser video's" as a whole are becoming boring, especially when you put them besides the end result.

    Take 'Geist' for example; a bit of the same thing; the "teaser" looked interesting whereas the final product was pretty decent (don't get me wrong, not dissing products here) but did it live up to the teaser? I have some doubts there.

    I can't help wonder if some companies aren't jealous of the hype which the Propheads created with their Reason 5 teasers. Main (and BIG) difference there was that the teaser didn't leave much room to guess. It simply showed you (in a very slick and/or fun manner) what the upcoming product would be capable of. This comes from a critic mind you; I prefer Reason 4 over 5 myself (also because Reason is backed up by Ableton Live on my setup) but put the "teasers" besides the end product (Reason 5) and you won't find /any/ exaggerations.

    I'd say skip the teasing and "tell it like it is!" (quote from Jesse 'The Body' Ventura ("The man who told it like it is")). Unless of course you need the hype to sell your stuff because the stuff itself… hmm, well, you know.. 😉

  4. Seriously people DJing with Ableton should have their asses kicked out of the booth… As for Traktor, I already said this on another place: dump the sync, get me a nice visualization of the tracks, a rocksolid program,… oh wait, ScratchLive already does that. But if it is, as I presume, a controller for the sampleslots, I'll be tempted. X1 is a solid wonderful controller, not that easy to set up with Scratch Live. But once you got it, it rocks.

  5. I prefer traktor over turntables myself. I grew up on a staton table and migrated to traktor. BUT I would prefer Serato if I didn't have to re invest. The way I look at it, it's getting the job done fine for me. Currently I am on; Traktor, CDJ-400's, mpc1000, and whatever synth I am playing with at the time. The only thing 'I truly hate in Traktor is the wave form style. I like the Serato style more. Otherwise it's a good program. And you can have noobs in Traktor just as well as you can have a crappy kid on a guitar in a Punk band.

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