11 thoughts on “Kids Go To House School, Program That ‘808

  1. ha! I'm a music teacher and this was fun to watch. It's interesting to see how captivated they are with the buttons and functions. I've been doing a similar thing in my music class, and recently got a microKorg for my students to play around with. I will be bringing in electronic drum pads for them pretty soon. They also enjoy the mix of tech with traditional percussion like congas and djembe…tech will not, and should not ever totally replace the desire to hit something…and I prefer them to hit the drums rather than each other!

  2. It would be great if all kids had opportunities like this.

    Working with a drum machine teaches about the math that underlies rhythm, but in an intuitive way.

  3. I let my 5th grader mess around with my Roland GAIA unsupervised, but it takes guts to let all of those little hands touch a precious piece of vintage kit like an 808. But then I let my guys use the Arp 2600– but only when Daddy's in the room!)

  4. On third grade we played the damn recorder. I wish we had had an opportunity like this. The kids sure look like they're having fun!

    I hate my recorder. Fiiiiyyyyyyuu!

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