Stutter Edit By BT & iZotope Introduced

At the 2011 NAMM Show, BT & iZotope introduced Stutter Edit – the first product to come out of iZotope’s partnership with BT.

Stutter Edit’s features revolve around a live sampling engine that lets producers, laptop performers and other musicians manipulate audio in real time. Stutter Edit slices audio into small fragments and sequences the pieces into rhythmic effects. Results can range from jarring to subtle.

We had the opportunity to talk with BT about his partnership with iZotope and he seemed genuinely excited.

Stutter Edit was originally a project developed by BT and his company Sonik Architects. iZotope brought resources that made it possible to make Stutter Edit multi-platform, more reliable and compatible with major DAWs. They also agreed to retain all the features that BT had developed, even ones that might be considered more esoteric.

BT and iZotope have interesting plans for some of Sonik Architects other products, too, but don’t have anything official to announce at this point.

Details on Stutter Edit below. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Stutter Edit

The complex set of tools in Stutter Edit is balanced by an elegant MIDI control scheme, which makes adding effects a completely intuitive process.

Users can juggle between an array of rhythmic effects, including gate, pan, digital distortion, delays and filters. The Generator module creates custom noise sweeps that can be triggered along with stutter effects to build tension and create dynamics, both in live performances and studio arrangements.

On the stage, Stutter Edit makes it simple for laptop performers to create improvised remixes that include stutters, fills and build-ups. Stutter Edit’s MIDI-controlled workflow is a complement to performers using Ableton Live for DJ sets. In the studio, musicians can use Stutter Edit to add color and transitions to recordings.

Stutter Edit is available now for Windows (XP, x64, Vista, 7) and Mac OS 10.5.8 or later (Universal Binary).

Stutter Edit is compatible with hosts that fully support MIDI routing to audio effects, including Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools (7.4+), Cakewalk SONAR, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Image Line FL Studio, Cockos REAPER and MOTU Digital Performer.

An introductory price of $149 USD will be available through February 14, 2011. Stutter Edit will have a $249 USD MSRP thereafter.

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22 thoughts on “Stutter Edit By BT & iZotope Introduced

  1. I see this as just a tool that can be very easiy abused to death… but I think it can be very useful and fun if used with moderation and good taste

  2. I saw BT play in DC when I was a kid in the late 90's. It was during Ima and I thought it was pretty cool. No doubt that he's worked pretty hard to get to where he is. I don't think anyone would argue that he has some serious technical skills, particularly mixing. But what I've heard him say over the past few years has led me to believe he's pretty much a hack. In an interview on NPR he claimed that some software he (or his company) wrote was several million lines of code. There's no way. For what the software did, it was maybe a few thousand at most… probably even less. He also frames himself as comparable to the great composers of history. Not even close. His music is empty. There is no truth in it. The stutter effect he claims to have invented… not really. Check out Windowpane by Coil done in 1991. BT's first release came out in 95. And I think John Cage did that effect with tapes in the 1950's. They say that you can tell everything you need to know by someones first album. I remember hearing some pre-Ima tracks by BT that weren't officially released as an album. It was crappy cheesy disco house. I hate being a hater and very few things can get me to be one. But I think doing what he does is disrespectful to every person out there who is real and into electronic music. Maybe blowing yourself out of proportion to the point where it becomes a lie is what is necessary to achieve the success he had. But I feel let down by this BT guy. As a kid I looked up to him as a hero. Now all I see is electronic music's ultimate sell out. (Moby admitted being a sell out so that makes him not a sellout). I'm sure this software can do some nifty tricks and alot of people will buy it because it has his name on it. Just like the music he releases. But those that know, will always know what is true and what is lasting.

  3. I like Bt. He has always shared trade secrets and yeah he is a sellout, but he has a kid to feed. I liked a recent album of his so he is still making descent music. He does have a problem with the I'm a modern Mozart thing (To much Ego) but I think he is a nice guy at heart. I bought the plugin and it is somewhat late to the party but you know it seems pretty solid low cpu and if I did some of the edits manually it would probably have taken me 20 minutes per so I like saving the time and just performing them on the spot. To be honest the Korg Kronos left me unimpressed but this plugin is pretty useful.

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