Roger Linn & Dave Smith On The New Tempest Drum Machine

This video features Roger Linn & Dave Smith discussing their new colaboration, the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest drum machine, at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Linn & Smith’s Tempest drum machine has been criticized by some of our readers for its pricey $2k list price.

We think that it’s fantastic, in all senses of the word: fanciful, irrational, impractical and extraordinary.

Check out the video for Roger Linn and Dave Smith’s explanation on why the world needs a 2K analog drum machine and why it made sense for the two of them to collaborate on the Tempest.

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13 thoughts on “Roger Linn & Dave Smith On The New Tempest Drum Machine

  1. an ipad fanboy thinks a real drum machine is impractical? NO WAY! i thought they would be so open minded about it

  2. Please can Dave Smith and Roger Linn be My Two Dads? Admittedly i'm probably old enough to be their younger brother, but for two guys who have contributed (and continue to contribute) so much to music, their enthusiasm, friendliness and humility is lesson to us all. The Tempest looks amazing. It's not cheap, but neither is a Machinedrum or a XBase 999 or a 30 year old TR-909/808/Linndrum. It's brave and exciting, but it won't be for everybody. That's what makes music interesting isn't it.

  3. this is awesome, i don't care about the price, u can't complain about the price of art, and this is up there with the voyager….in fact, if electronic music had a mt rushmore, it'd be max mathews, moog, linn and smith….def getting this, and i can't wait to see the linn drum 2 they are making for sampling.
    anyone complaining about the cost prob lives with their parents.

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