ReBirth For iPad Processed With Reason 5

This demo video, via PeffTV, demonstrates Reason 5 audio processing with ReBirth for iPad:

The iPad audio output is routed to the line in on the workstation. Reason 5 receives the active audio input and can process the sound in real-time. This demonstration features a range of custom combinator effect devices including CycleOn for Reason 5 beta.

Combinator Effects being controlled by the Livid Instruments OHM64. Thanks Peter!

15 thoughts on “ReBirth For iPad Processed With Reason 5

  1. That is a gimmick and ReBirth is more than capable to stan on it's own.
    The only thing that this video made me realise is how desperately we need Core MIDI update to make it fully functional i.e MIDI Sync.

    Common Props – we all know that you can do it but, will you..? 😉

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